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 SirJBone Introduction

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PostSubject: SirJBone Introduction   Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:22 pm

I have been clashing for 16 months now with most of that time being in some version of Mordor. Most know the history of our start in The Shire 2.0 which led to Mordor. I lead Mordor with help from Bonar and DarkLord. We rotate the leader role because everyone needs a break from time to time and we all bring a different leadership style. I pride myself on donating lots of troops, mentoring others and winning wars. I am a pretty chill dude, but I deliver justice and hold others accountable in the clan. Those that have been with us in Mordor for a while will see that althrough we boot many people, we always allow them back if they haven't said offensive things to the clan and will learn from their mistakes. I love long walks on the cobblestone with witches, hogs and golems. I hated balloons for most of my clash career until they became max and I was thankful I spent the time upgrading them...holy balls max loons rock. I think Mordor is a stellar clan, very generous clan, and we have a lot of fun with active members. BONAR SMASH!!!

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SirJBone Introduction
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